About us

Automotive Industry Association

is a voluntary association of companies involved in the production chain of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. It also brings together research institutions, schools and other similar entities or individuals interested in actively contributing to the development of the Czech automotive industry. It creates a platform for their mutual communication and support of common goals.


Legal status

The Association of the Automotive Industry was established on 27 June 1989 by the signing of the Agreement on the Association of Automotive Industry Organisations by seventeen companies. It acquired its legal personality on 19 June 1991, when it was entered in the company register, on the basis of the ‘Company Agreement of the Association of the Automotive Industry’. Due to the rapid development of the legal environment at the beginning of the 1990s, this contract was subsequently converted into a contract on the interest association of legal entities, registered in the Register of Associations. After the new Civil Code came into force, it was registered as an Association in the Federal Register of Associations kept by the Municipal Court in Prague on 1 January 2017 under file number L 67474.



Promotion of the automotive industry and its topics as a key part of the Czech economy with a strong impact on the technical, economic and R&D development of the Czech Republic.

Supporting the competitiveness of member companies, especially through the organisation of projects of common interest, seminars and workshops.

Improvement, development and promotion of mutual cooperation between members.

Development of economic cooperation with other countries, in particular the V4, including through maintaining contacts with similar national and supranational associations.

Promoting the interests of the Czech automotive industry abroad, in particular through the organisation of joint exhibitions or export missions.

Development of the domestic labour market, in particular through support for technical education.