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We are pleased that you are interested in becoming one of the members of the Czech Association automotive industry.

The following must be completed before applying 2 conditions

1 Your company is a domestic legal entity registered in the commercial register of the Czech Republic.
2 Your company is involved in the production chain of the Czech automotive industry of the Republic, including all research institutions, schools and other similar entities that are interested in actively contributing to the development of the Czech automobile industry.

If you meet the conditions, please fill in and submit the following information.

    Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us at +420 604 242 574 or write to us at

    Services to our members

    Connecting companies, service providers and new solutions and state administration

    Participation in joint events and networking meetings

    Space for sharing knowledge, experience, contacts and information between member companies

    Reminding of domestic legal regulations and promoting the interests of the Czech automotive industry when communicating with the state administration and local government

    Promotion of priority automotive topics within the framework of industry plans and subsidy programs and other support tools

    Reminder of legislative acts at the EU level and instruments in the field of trade policy, promoting the interests of the domestic automotive industry when communicating with the Czech state administration and EU institutions

    Two-way transfer of information from the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic (SP ČR) and the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (HK ČR), including benefits arising from the mediated membership of AutoSAP companies in these organizations

    Regular collection, processing, evaluation and provision of summary statistical data on the automotive industry of the Czech Republic (production volumes, turnover, wages…)

    Regular processing and provision of monthly and quarterly data on the production, sales and export of vehicles in the Czech Republic

    Annual comprehensive analysis “Automotive industry in the Czech Republic – basic data and facts” providing basic economic data and their development in time series, data on production and development of the domestic market, data on the vehicle fleet and information from the field of human resources

    Annual analysis of “Average wages and number of employees” in member companies providing data on monthly wages and number of employees in basic groups of automotive companies according to the nature of production, professions and regional distribution.

    Annual analysis of the impact of collective bargaining in companies on the development of wages

    Ad hoc collection and processing of data with the aim of argumentative use for currently addressed topics

    Participation in joint projects enabling funds to be drawn from ESI funds, e.g. in the field of employee training (AutoAdapt project)

    Use of the benefits arising from the liability insurance pool for damage, including the withdrawal of products from the market for suppliers

    Participation in partner projects in the Czech Republic and abroad (the European ALBATTS project focused on the needs of qualifications in the battery sector, the Czech Mobility Innovation Hub innovation accelerator)

    Participation in free conferences, seminars and webinars

    Offer to co-organize themed professional events

    Providing patronage over events of member companies and organizations

    Provision of consulting and advisory services in the field of the automotive industry

    Collection, classification and distribution of legislative, economic and technical information from the Czech Republic and abroad

    Mediation of relevant contacts

    Ensuring the appearance of representatives of the Association at professional events

    Promotion of the Czech car industry and building the industry’s image

    Media support of common topics and goals and of the member companies themselves

    Arranging media outputs for members on TV, radio, print and on the web

    Use of professional capacities from among member companies to participate in public discussions

    Free presentation of member companies in the Český autoprümysl magazine

    Sending daily media monitoring focused on current events in the automotive industry of the Czech Republic and member companies

    Mediation of personalized media outputs of the given company

    Sending the printed and electronic version of the quarterly magazine Český autoprůmysl

    Sending the monthly AutoSAP Info electronic newsletter focused on current topics, offers and activities in the automotive industry

    Other thematically focused newsletters, e.g. “Subsidy newsletter”, focused on currently available funding sources, “Restart Info”, focused on current information during the pandemic, and others

    Free subscription to AutoMakers daily newsletter and magazine

    Organization of joint participation in domestic and international exhibitions and fairs

    Organizing initial meetings with foreign partners in the areas of international cooperation, including searching for and processing topics of common interest

    Providing an updated overview of international car shows

    Free use of AutoSAP meeting rooms with a capacity of 16 people for your meetings in Prague

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