Automotive Industry Association’s priorities for the upcoming European programming period 2024-2029

18/4/2024 |Articles are machine translated

The Czech and European automotive sector is going through a crucial period in its history. With the European elections approaching, it is therefore essential to focus fully on charting a path towards its continued prosperity and strengthening its global relevance. Therefore, our primary vision is to maintain the competitiveness of our industry and the Czech Republic as a strong entity. We are therefore grateful for the ongoing dialogue with political leaders, which is being conducted with an emphasis on aligning ambitious climate goals with industry support.


The automotive industry has long demonstrated its role as a pillar and driving force of the Czech economy. This is evident, among other things, from the latest data on the growth of vehicle production volume and the historically most successful production results of the first quarter of this year (more information in the press release). Given the importance of the automotive industry to the economic prosperity of the Czech Republic, it is essential that we continue to work together to support the transformation of our sector and ensure that competitive production conditions are maintained in the Czech Republic and, by extension, the European Union.


“We are at an important crossroads that will determine whether we follow the path of prosperity and global leadership.That is what the European elections in June will be about. Our main vision continues to be to keep the Czech Republic as an attractive place for innovation and the development of new business opportunities that will lead to prosperity for its citizens and an increase in the quality of life for the whole society”, says Zdeněk Petzl, Executive Director of the Automotive Industry Association.


This requires innovation on our part, sustainable production of passenger and freight vehicles, ensuring affordable mobility for all, the use of modern technologies to increase the safety and efficiency of transport and further provide skilled jobs, as well as a much-needed effort to maintain the attractiveness of the Czech Republic as an ideal location for modern investment. To achieve these goals, however, sufficient support is needed from the creators of the legislative framework to which we must adapt.


“Europe today needs much more than regulatory restrictions, deadlines and sanctions. As we are undergoing one of the most fundamental industrial changes, it is essential to align ambitious climate targets with rational supporting policies and industrial initiatives along the lines of other global players. This is why the active participation of Czech representatives in Brussels is crucial”, says Marco Boggian, Head of Regulatory Affairs at the Automotive Industry Association.


We welcome the fact that these ideas have also appeared in the long-awaited report by Enrico Letta, the former Italian Prime Minister, who presented it to the leaders of the EU Member States.

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, the Automotive Industry Association continues to maintain an open dialogue with key representatives of the Czech Republic. Given the wide-ranging challenges facing the automotive industry, the ability to use the next five years effectively is absolutely crucial for the future of the Czech Republic. That is why we are bringing concrete measures that the newly elected representatives can start working on almost immediately after their election to their new positions.

More can be found in the attached material below.



M.A. Marco Boggian
M.A. Marco Boggian

Head of Public Affairs

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