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18/3/2024 |Articles are machine translated

It is not usual to put politicians on the front page of the Czech Car Industry. This time we made an exception – and for good reason. The Euro 7 standard has been moving the European car industry for many months and its original form represented an element of uncertainty or even a threat for many companies. The fact that it was finally agreed in its milder form is due, among other things, to two protagonists, Minister Martin Kupka and MEP Alexander Vondra, to whom we have dedicated the current interview, including the front page. It is not without interest to read how the negotiations were conducted, when the arguments were valid and when it was more like business. Perhaps other politicians and future MEPs will also find something instructive for their future activities in the European space.

In this issue of the Czech Car Industry, we also focus on Europe in other places. Although the European elections are still almost three months away, the poll among the leaders of the political parties heading to the European Parliament should certainly not go unnoticed now. We have contacted all political parties and movements that received at least three percent of the vote in the February Kantar poll. Read what interests they will defend in Strasbourg and Brussels. It may also give you a clue as to who to vote for in June.

And Europe for the third time: the European Data Act came into force on January 1st this year, giving individuals and businesses better access to data in the EU market. Do you know how this will affect the automotive industry?

In addition to the political one, the March issue also brings a purely business poll among managers of automotive companies, finalists and suppliers. The questions concern the expected development of their companies this year, so business, but as everything is related to everything, it is actually a political poll too. Representatives of the automotive industry are calling, among other things, for a systemic solution to ensure stable and predictable energy prices, but also for a functioning construction law or a general reduction in the amount of bureaucracy.

Respondents to our poll do not see this year as a dramatic one, but admit that there are still plenty of real and potential problems to contend with.

Faced with news about the current state and outlook of German industry on the one hand, and the European Commission’s groping for how to reconcile climate targets and competitiveness on the other, Czech managers could certainly be more pessimistic. The fact that they are not is actually good news. They are trying to learn to live with it. As one of the managers interviewed says: “The challenges are not entirely new or unexpected.” Or another, “The automotive industry is full of challenges and there will never be another.”

So good luck, good nerves and have a good spring.



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Ing. Tomáš Jungwirth
Ing. Tomáš Jungwirth

Communications Manager
Ing. Libuše Bautzová
Ing. Libuše Bautzová

Editor-in-Chief of the Český autoprůmysl magazine

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