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We will teach you how to design battery storage

This year’s conference is unconventionally conceived as a step-by-step story of the sizing, design, manufacture and safe operation of a battery storage system. What is behind each step, and what is important to pay attention to in order to create a reliable storage system with the required performance and guaranteed lifetime. The entire procedure is broken down into several parts – conference sections. Within these sessions, renowned experts from practice and academia will comment on the various topics.

Energy Management. Design and sizing of battery storage
Industrial Storage. Desired functions and expected characteristics. Do we need battery storage, and if so, how big to get a return on investment. Presentation of a program to calculate a municipal or corporate energy system (PV, CHP, battery x load diagrams) resulting in storage requirements – capacity, discharge/charge rate, number of cycles. Traction batteries. Sizing, characteristics and life requirements.

Battery cells
Classification of cells by chemical composition and design and selection of the most suitable type from which to assemble the storage system to meet the requirements we want to meet – purchase price, performance, speed, number of cycles or lifetime, and more.

Storage design and manufacturing – BMS, cooling
Conceptual and structural design of the storage and its connection to the network. BMS – principles, functions. Battery cooling and why it is so important to simulate it – initial 1D system cooling design and its detailed model using 3D CFD. Testing the cells I want to use and why it’s not good to rely only on manufacturers datasheets.

Operation and safety of battery systems
Monitoring the variables needed and the data required for life prediction – the digital twin of the storage system. What are the applicable safety regulations and conditions for compliance. Predicting burn-in and how it occurs.

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