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In order to renew the importance of the exchange of industry experience and personal meetings, the concept of a trade fair focused on the impact of modern technologies on the Czech engineering industry is being developed. Automation, robotization, digitalization as well as 3D printing give companies a chance to increase their competitiveness on global markets. On the grounds of the fair, the accompanying conference and thematic production visits, participants will learn about opportunities to take their production to the next level.

Inspiration three times different

The basic pillar of the Engineering Inspiration is the coincidence of three main events in one date at nearby locations. The event links the Digital Manufacturing Conference (4 June, Vienna House, Pilsen), the Automation Fair (5 and 6 June, DEPO2015, Pilsen) and the 5-axis trade fair (5 and 6 June, TGS production premises).

While the Automation Fair is a new concept that brings interesting innovations in the fields of machining, automation, robotics, 3D printing and digitalization to one place, the other two events build on their successful history.

In its ninth edition, Digital Manufacturing is heading to Pilsen and for the first time will focus exclusively on one segment of the industry. Subtitled The Real Potential of Czech Engineering, its main ambition is to reflect on the abolition of the dogma of Czech assembly plants and to set the tone for the development of Czech engineering.

In its two previous editions, the 5-axis fair has always welcomed several hundred enthusiastic visitors to the TGS production premises. Guests from innovative companies were given space on the displaced production area, which together with the host company showed that Czech engineering really has potential. In this year’s edition, production will not be moved. Come and see what it looks like in operation during guided tours. The excursion will be open to registered participants. Transportation to TGS will be provided at designated times.

The basic pillars of Engineering Inspiration

The concept of the event is not only about exchange Each conference, exhibition and excursion element of the event carries the potential for networking and exchange of experience. We believe that only the joint exchange of experience, sharing of best know-how and the opportunity to test your ideas through practice is the way to the future prosperity of the industry.

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