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Business Mission - Hamburg, Germany

Why participate in the mission?
– Attend Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, the world’s largest hydrogen event, with 650 exhibitors in manufacturing, storage, infrastructure, fuel cells, transport and refuelling
– Learn about current projects in the hydrogen industry
– Introduce your company and technology to the world leaders in hydrogen
– Network with potential business partners
– Visit the Port of Hamburg and learn about the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany
– Present your company on the CzechTrade website and social media

Terms and conditions for participation in the mission
– Timely completion and submission of the binding application form, no later than 28 February 2024
– Payment of the participation fee (an advance invoice will be sent to you immediately upon receipt of the binding application form).
– Timely delivery of the required company materials by 1 May 2024

If you are interested, please contact the event organizer: Pavel Kameník, e-mail: pavel.kamenik@czechtrade.cz


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